To get to the Black Architecture towns, the best option from Madrid is by R-2. Do not use GPS, the last petrol station is in Humanes. However, we offer two additional alternatives: A-2 and A-1.

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Mapa Situación Campillo de Ranas

Highway R-2 (Best opcion)

0h0We take R-2 towards GUADALAJARA
0h 25m54We take Exit 54: “Marchamalo – Industrial Area – CM-101 – Fontanar – Guadalajara Norte”
0h 26mAfter the toll, we arrive at a roundabout with only one option, to the right
0h 27m54Then we arrive at a second roundabout. We follow the indications of guadalajara and the CM-1001 Fontanar
0h 28m56During 1 Km we drive by a street of the industrial Area until we reach a traffic light
0h 30m57At 50 meters we reach the junction with the CM-101. We turn left, towards Fontanar. From this point we follow the indications of the common route with the A-2

freeway A-2 (Old N-2)

0h0We take the A-2 towards Guadalajara
0h 25m51We take exit 51: "Cabanillas del Campo and ff.cc.station"
0h 26m51We continue 70 meters down the service road. We turn right to take the brigde that goes over the A-2
0h 27m51We turn right towards ff.cc.Station and Francisco Aritio street. This detour is located about the brigde. It is discarded to continue towards Cabanillas del campo
0h 28m52At 50 meters we come to a junction and turn right, following the sings to Francisco Aritio street
0h 30m53After 300 meters we come to junction and turn left following the sings to Frnacisco Aritio street. We will passs in front of a petrol station and skirt it - we leave it on the left. We arrived at a crossroad. We turn right to Francisco Aritio street, following the sings to the ff.ccc.
0h 31m54 We arrived at a crossroad. We turn right to Francisco Aritio street, following the sings to the ff.ccc
0h 32m54We advance for 2.5 KM along Francisco Aritio street, leaving the ff.cc station on the left
0h 35m57We arrived at acrossroad with a traffic light. We take the left on the CM101 towards FONTANAR.

Itinerary common to options R-2 y A-2

0h 50m57We advance for 21 KM through the CM-101 until we reach Humanes
0h 55m78We cross Humanes and continue towards Tamajon taking CM-1004 road. It is ruled out to continue towards Cogolludo
1h 10m103We advance for 25 KM on the CM-1004 until we reach Tamajon
1h 11m104We cross Tamajon completely and continue towards Majaelrayo through the county road GU-186
1h 13m105At about 600 meters we will find a junction; We continue straight towards Majaelrayo. It is discarded to continue towards Valverde de los Arroyos
1h 21m110We advanced for 5 Km and arrived at a crossroads. Turn right towards Majaelrayo. It is discarded to continue towards the El Vado reservoir
1h 30m116We move forward for 6 Km and arrive at the first village of Black Architecture: Campillejo. Following the same road we will find detours to the different towns along the route, in this order: El Espinar, Roblelacasa; Campillo de Ranas, Robleluengo and Majaelrayo